Janell Sexton grew up in Texas, where she spent her childhood performing in school & church plays. She scored her first gig at nine years old in a public service announcement for her local school district. As an adult, she moved to the Big Apple to lead  the "glamorous" life of every NY actor but eventually found a different path. Janell became a wife & a mother to a son she homeschooled. Until one day, her passion for acting called her back & has since let nothing stand in her way. When not performing, you can find her binging on most things sci-fi, especially Dr. Who & Star Trek. 

Janell's most recent credits include the lead role in the feature film, Crossroads and a supporting role in The Raging Heart of Maggie Acker, Law & Order: Organized CrimeFBI: Most Wanted & Tyler Perry's flagship drama, THE OVAL. She can also been seen in the upcoming indy horror feature film, Shadows, directed by Brian Clyde.

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Forget regret or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way. No Day But Today. -- RENT